Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nibiru Mobile released!

Nibiru Mobile is a framework for developing portable mobile applications created at Oxen.

You can use it in order to create portable HTML-based (GWT) application and/or native Android applications reusing most of the code.

It provides:

  • A common API for components typically used on mobile development.
  • Implementations of these APIs for GWT and Android.
  • Generic modules providing common functionality (currently, only a security module is included).

We are releasing it as Open Source. Current version is 0.2.

More info at:


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  2. Hey, interesting library.

    Are you planning other backends besides GWT for the HTML rendering?

    Also, is the Android implementation generated UI based on native widgets or html?

    1. Thanks!

      We are using the MVP (passive view) in order to construct the UI. This way, logic is written in a Java class (the presenter) and the UI is a thin adapter over the UI library used.

      The presenter is written in Java and the view is injected using JSR330.

      Under this approach, you use GWT in order to compile the presenter, but the view can use different technologies. For example, we have an experimental Kendo UI Mobile module, which is a JavaScript/HTML UI framework.

      This pattern allow injection of native views under Android. One of the goals is allow to take advantage of each platform UI capabilities.

    2. It sounds really nice.

      Have you considered adding a scala friendly API on top? Would that be possible at all?

    3. Having Scala API would be great. However, it would be easy on Android but I'm not sure about GWT.

      There is a project ( but to be honest, I didn't researched too much about it. I'll take a look in the future.

      The point is that the strongest motivator for creating this framework was reusing code among Android, iOS, RIM, etc. The only common denominator that we found was Java + GWT, using PhoneGap for HTML mobile apps y native code for Android.

  3. Thanks for contributing this open framework !

  4. With new technologies are hitting the software industry daily, there has been considerable improvement in the way software developers used to develop internet based applications.

    1. I agree... I hope you're including Nibiru Mobile among these technologies :)