Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nibiru Mobile released!

Nibiru Mobile is a framework for developing portable mobile applications created at Oxen.

You can use it in order to create portable HTML-based (GWT) application and/or native Android applications reusing most of the code.

It provides:

  • A common API for components typically used on mobile development.
  • Implementations of these APIs for GWT and Android.
  • Generic modules providing common functionality (currently, only a security module is included).

We are releasing it as Open Source. Current version is 0.2.

More info at:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nibiru 0.3 and Oxen Java Commons 1.1 are here!

Nibiru 0.3 and Oxen Java Commons 1.1 are here!

Today, Oxen released Nibiru 0.3 version.

New features include support Oxen Java Commons licensing module, support for password hashing and c3p0 support.

Security module has been refactored, improving its design. Also, suppor for "autologin" (for applications which doesn't require authentication/authorization was added.

Also, we released Oxen Java Commons 1.1, which includes the mentioned licensing module.

More info at:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nibiru 0.2 released !

After working on many improvements, we finally tagged the 0.2 version.

Many functionalities were requested during two Oxen's projects (DTS and SIGA). So, we added them to the framework in a generic way. Some of them (such as validation, mail, security or report modules) were already planned. Another ones, such as custom web apps or service/bundle separation) raised from project's requirements.

As mentioned before, big changes were made. Some other big changes (such as a workflow module) are planned for future releases (maybe according to customers request, we don't have resources to dedicate full time development to the framework - any help is welcome!).

There are still 2 know bugs open... but in order to ensure compatibility with mentioned projects (the API is still unstable), we're closing the 0.2 version. The bugs aren't critical, so we'll fix them in 0.2.1 or 0.3 version.

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