Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nibiru Framework released!

We have just released our Java server-side development framework. As you can see, we aren't just a mobile development company :)

The framework objective is to facilitate the building of modular applications. The following goals are established in order to meet such objective:
  • Providing an abstraction layer over different technologies in order to avoid coupling.
  • Providing services which are common to business applications, such as CRUDs, reports, workflow, transaction management, security and internationalization.
  • Providing dynamic update mechanisms for the system in order to allow hot swapping.
  • Implementing patterns which facilitate solving problems in a structured way. But avoiding to force the user to implement a given solution.
  • Facilitate decoupled communication among modules.
  • Avoiding reinvent the wheel. Creating layers of abstraction but using existing technologies when possible.

The implementations are based on many technologies, such as OSGi, Vaadin, Spring and Hibernate.

More info at:


  1. perfect framework!!

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  2. Seems promising. Checking it out. :)

  3. Great, thanks! We're still building it :)

  4. Added a "motivation" section:

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